Sunday, December 27, 2015


A little late, but here is a peek into my October: I will post a combined November/ December post soon.

 Like many of us, my favorite part of the year begins with beautiful, cozy, lazy October. I'm sure it has A LOT to do with being a fall baby (November, my birth month, is clearly the best month of the year, verrrry closely followed by October), but really, it encompasses many of my favorite things -- family time, holidays, jeans, boots and jacket weather, delicious, comforting foods which I am craving alllll year long (my mom's potato soup and cider and pumpkin baked goods) and basketball season starting!!!!!!

Yes, I am a HUGE OKC Thunder fan and I think it just serves to make me a more well rounded person. I love being a born and raised Oklahoman and take whatever opportunities I can to show my pride, because let's face it, they are few and far between. My entire family and Alex are big fans too, so I rarely miss watching a game. We actually are doing a fantasy league this year and I'm so into it. I've recently realized that I am a pretty competitive person, and while this isn't the best of traits, I am happy to say that I am winning the fantasy league in a commanding fashion. We'll see if I can keep it up until April...

While October has been good, it may have also been a little too good and lazy. I have really been struggling with keeping up with my workout schedule and eating Paleo, which has lead to me feeling pretty sluggish and at times uncomfortable with my body, how I'm feeling, things of that nature. I've made a pledge that from Nov 2 - 18 I'm going to be strictly Paleo, run 3 times a week, yoga once a week, and strength training twice a week. Also considering doing a 30 days to great abs challenge??? I have some BABY upper abs coming in and if I can work to define them a bit, I would be very very excited. So yeah overall November is gonna be me kicking ass on eating clean (for the most part. I mean, my birthday and thanksgiving will be excluded from this), finishing up 5K training, reading all my books for school, and writing my two 15 page papers, finishing a group project and presentation, and reading because Paradise and The Cuckoo's Calling are both gonna be realllly good and it's hard to resist binge reading and ignoring all other responsibilities.

Watched: Bloodline

Read: The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
The Commanders -Bob Woodward
Bush at War - Bob Woodward

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