Tuesday, October 13, 2015


So, sometimes life happens and you don't muse about September until halfway through October. And that's okay.

September was a month of hot weather and settling into routines. I've made the decision to stick to Paleo more or less, which has turned out to be much easier than I originally thought (my all about paleo post coming soon!!!), but its not going to be the end of the world if I eat a piece of pizza every once in a while. It comes down to trying to eat clean on the weekdays, and kinda splurging on the weekends. The balance will come eventually, I'm sure. School is school --- its going. Lots of reading, a group project (lord help me, with undergrads), and still not knowing what is even going on in National Security Leadership. I'm keeping up with everything though so not too stressed yet.

I decided to do a couch to 5k training program, and it is truly amazing how running has become an integral part of my life in just a month. While its not easy, and I don't particularly enjoy it, but I do appreciate how my body has adapted to doing something I honestly never thought I would be able to do. I don't have a goal time or speed because what's important to me is the end goal --- finishing a 5k. I don't think I'll ever want to progress past that, but who knows??? My other workouts have been suffering, though, which is unfortunate. I try to do yoga once a week, and some kind of strength training with weights, but with my work schedule, sometimes I just don't have time to get it in for the day. I'm trying to get better, but working out 5 - 6 times a week is no joke!

Alex's 25 birthday was a chilllll day and I think that's exactly what he wanted. We made pizza dip, guac and mini khalua cheesecakes, played Star Wars battlefront and watched A New Hope, with his friends and sister. I got him a vintage Eagles sweater, a constellation mug and a coffee ice cube mold. All in all a success.

We also went to a couple of festivals, which I LOVE:
Oktoberfest --- Not gonna lie, it was melt your face off hot, but the beer selection on was excellent and brats and apple strudel are never bad. We watched some medieval battle reenactments and sang some songs with drink people.
Turkish Festival --- Also hot, but eating our lunch of a kebab, gyro and baklava in the shade under the trees was delightful. Also, an Enes Kanter sighting, seeing the water painting (such a cool process!!!) and the Turkish dancing were all A+
Shop Hop --- OKC has a district called Automobile Alley, and every like third Thursday of the month all the restaurants and shops have little specials. We got some cupcakes from our favorite spot, ate some Mexican food, and explored.  Kinda underwhelming, but still some cool spots.

I did make it home for a short weekend, which is always needed. I'm always so torn between wanting to spend time with Alex and my family. My mom and I are entering into a new phase of our relationship. We're growing apart, but not in a bad way. We're just both so busy. What can ya do?

Watching: Dare Devil, Narcos, The Originals (judge me)

Read: Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier, Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison
The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern (Started it)

Listening to: Lana Del Rey, CHVRCHES, Florence + The Machine

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