Wednesday, January 20, 2016

24 Before 24

1. Conquer my Master's thesis

2. Finish reading all Toni Morrison books

3. Go abroad

4. Try out kayaking

5. Create a healthy lifestyle

6. Learn to ride a bike

7. Start an herb garden

8. Fully decorate my room

9. Journal often

10. Get a *Kickass* Internship

11. Take the FSOT

12. Go on a road trip

13. Cook one new thing a week

14. Purge my belongings

15. Do something outside of my comfort zone

16.  Visit 5 new places in Oklahoma

14. Do yoga regularly

15. Write more letters

16. Volunteer my time in a worthwhile way

17.  Make new friends

18. Be more genuine

19. Spend more time outside

20. Learn to make a really good cocktail

21. Start learning Portuguese

22. Save more, spend less

23. Spend more time alone in meaningful ways


Sunday, December 27, 2015


A little late, but here is a peek into my October: I will post a combined November/ December post soon.

 Like many of us, my favorite part of the year begins with beautiful, cozy, lazy October. I'm sure it has A LOT to do with being a fall baby (November, my birth month, is clearly the best month of the year, verrrry closely followed by October), but really, it encompasses many of my favorite things -- family time, holidays, jeans, boots and jacket weather, delicious, comforting foods which I am craving alllll year long (my mom's potato soup and cider and pumpkin baked goods) and basketball season starting!!!!!!

Yes, I am a HUGE OKC Thunder fan and I think it just serves to make me a more well rounded person. I love being a born and raised Oklahoman and take whatever opportunities I can to show my pride, because let's face it, they are few and far between. My entire family and Alex are big fans too, so I rarely miss watching a game. We actually are doing a fantasy league this year and I'm so into it. I've recently realized that I am a pretty competitive person, and while this isn't the best of traits, I am happy to say that I am winning the fantasy league in a commanding fashion. We'll see if I can keep it up until April...

While October has been good, it may have also been a little too good and lazy. I have really been struggling with keeping up with my workout schedule and eating Paleo, which has lead to me feeling pretty sluggish and at times uncomfortable with my body, how I'm feeling, things of that nature. I've made a pledge that from Nov 2 - 18 I'm going to be strictly Paleo, run 3 times a week, yoga once a week, and strength training twice a week. Also considering doing a 30 days to great abs challenge??? I have some BABY upper abs coming in and if I can work to define them a bit, I would be very very excited. So yeah overall November is gonna be me kicking ass on eating clean (for the most part. I mean, my birthday and thanksgiving will be excluded from this), finishing up 5K training, reading all my books for school, and writing my two 15 page papers, finishing a group project and presentation, and reading because Paradise and The Cuckoo's Calling are both gonna be realllly good and it's hard to resist binge reading and ignoring all other responsibilities.

Watched: Bloodline

Read: The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
The Commanders -Bob Woodward
Bush at War - Bob Woodward

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


So, sometimes life happens and you don't muse about September until halfway through October. And that's okay.

September was a month of hot weather and settling into routines. I've made the decision to stick to Paleo more or less, which has turned out to be much easier than I originally thought (my all about paleo post coming soon!!!), but its not going to be the end of the world if I eat a piece of pizza every once in a while. It comes down to trying to eat clean on the weekdays, and kinda splurging on the weekends. The balance will come eventually, I'm sure. School is school --- its going. Lots of reading, a group project (lord help me, with undergrads), and still not knowing what is even going on in National Security Leadership. I'm keeping up with everything though so not too stressed yet.

I decided to do a couch to 5k training program, and it is truly amazing how running has become an integral part of my life in just a month. While its not easy, and I don't particularly enjoy it, but I do appreciate how my body has adapted to doing something I honestly never thought I would be able to do. I don't have a goal time or speed because what's important to me is the end goal --- finishing a 5k. I don't think I'll ever want to progress past that, but who knows??? My other workouts have been suffering, though, which is unfortunate. I try to do yoga once a week, and some kind of strength training with weights, but with my work schedule, sometimes I just don't have time to get it in for the day. I'm trying to get better, but working out 5 - 6 times a week is no joke!

Alex's 25 birthday was a chilllll day and I think that's exactly what he wanted. We made pizza dip, guac and mini khalua cheesecakes, played Star Wars battlefront and watched A New Hope, with his friends and sister. I got him a vintage Eagles sweater, a constellation mug and a coffee ice cube mold. All in all a success.

We also went to a couple of festivals, which I LOVE:
Oktoberfest --- Not gonna lie, it was melt your face off hot, but the beer selection on was excellent and brats and apple strudel are never bad. We watched some medieval battle reenactments and sang some songs with drink people.
Turkish Festival --- Also hot, but eating our lunch of a kebab, gyro and baklava in the shade under the trees was delightful. Also, an Enes Kanter sighting, seeing the water painting (such a cool process!!!) and the Turkish dancing were all A+
Shop Hop --- OKC has a district called Automobile Alley, and every like third Thursday of the month all the restaurants and shops have little specials. We got some cupcakes from our favorite spot, ate some Mexican food, and explored.  Kinda underwhelming, but still some cool spots.

I did make it home for a short weekend, which is always needed. I'm always so torn between wanting to spend time with Alex and my family. My mom and I are entering into a new phase of our relationship. We're growing apart, but not in a bad way. We're just both so busy. What can ya do?

Watching: Dare Devil, Narcos, The Originals (judge me)

Read: Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier, Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison
The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern (Started it)

Listening to: Lana Del Rey, CHVRCHES, Florence + The Machine

Monday, August 24, 2015


August has been a lazy month, and I couldn't have asked for anything more comfortable. By nature I'm an incredibly lazy person, and the seemingly endless days of sleeping in, reading and snuggling with momma and/or the dog were almost too good to be true. It almost felt like I was in high school again, effortlessly gliding through everything as if I were born to do it. But, it all has to come to an end

The highlights from my civil rights/ good bbq centered road trip through the deeeep south with my mom the first week of August included: driving through 3 new states (looking at you, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi!), meeting up with my cousin in Nashville, stumbling upon the GREATEST, most decadent brunch buffet you've ever seen (seriously, think Marie Antoinette at the French court) and the wonderfully kind people we met in Memphis, Montgomery and Selma who showed us some of the sites of the Civil Rights movement. I can't say enough about the national civil rights museum at the Lorraine Motel, Dexter Ave. Baptist Church (we got a personal tour of MLK's private church office and pulpit!!) and standing on the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, where the voting rights march began in 1965. Truly a life changing experience! As for the BBQ, the best we had was in Memphis, hands down. The best ribs I've ever had in my entire life.

I spent some time with Alex as well this month, and it was all I wanted it to be. I'm sure if someone observed our relationship, we would seem like the most boring young twenties couple ever, but I kinda like it that way. We're perfectly content spending the night in, watching Lost and making ourselves some drinks (Alex makes superb whiskey drinks and I am forever thankful for that). We also love to cook, and not only is this great for my Paleo adventure, but it is fun! I highly recommend it to couples looking for a cheap date night in. Not only is the cooking fun, but making all the stops to get what you need can also be a time to explore the city you're in (we frequent the asian market and mexican food stores, looking to try a farmer's market soon!). On nights we go out, it'll be something like a baseball game, an afternoon of browsing at vintage stock, or barhopping, of which OKC has a pretty decent bar scene.

School is starting and I'm actually looking forward to this semester, feeling incredibly motivated in the wake of making an A in my summer class :))))))). I love the process of getting organized, putting all of the due dates in my planner, seeing my grad school buddies again, but in the past i've not felt excited about the course material of my classes. This semester is going to be different, though, because FINALLY I'm classed that fit what I wanna do with my life. It is overwhelming to think about internships and thesis proposals and moving away for a job, but I'm going to not think about that now. Well, not completely, but not actively. Internship search has most definitely begun, but asking for letters of rec is actually the worst and it stressed me out immensely. So, it'll be a process, but it will get done.

Currently wathching: Sense8 (I'm not super into it yet but we'll see) & Lost (season 6!!!!)

Currently listening to:
A lot of Elvis & Dolly, CHVRCHES, 8tracks (

Currently reading: Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier
August Books -
Labor Day
Not That Kind of Girl
The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

23 Before 23

I've always wanted to do one of these, and I'm finally getting around to it (3 months before my birthday??) My inner list lovin' self is SO looking forward to it!

23 Before 23:

























I never published this, but it's gonna get the ball rolling! -----

I can't really say why I am all the sudden wanting to start blogging again, but I think it's going to be real good. I love to write and make lists and PLAN so bear with me while I muse about my life, relationships and thoughts about what the life of a graduate student, girlfriend, friend, roommate, daughter and sister.

2015 is going to be great. I know that's sooooooo cliche to say in January, but I guess I don't really care. That's one thing i've really noticed about myself lately, actually. As I get older (I say as a 22 year old. Ha!), I truly care less about what other people think, and let me tell you, what a freeing feeling that is. Being accepted into graduate school really solidified my being an adult, and I think being in the position where I'm truly responsible for figuring out my life and having every decision (or lack thereof) affect my future has made me cut the bullshit out of my life and focus on making myself happy. So, I've come up with how I'm going to make myself happy and successful in 2015.

2015 GOALS:

- Read 25 books. Starting with all the unread books currently on my bookshelf (lookin at you, Game of Thrones books 4 and 5) and then HOPEFULLY finishing my 2015 reading challenge! (-- Update: As of August, i've read 17 books, working on 18 and 19 at this moment!) (Final Update: Finished as of October 11!! Still have unread books though but there's still time)

- Maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've finally been working out consistently and trying to eat a mostly clean diet (except on the weekends, which are all about brunch and drinks and knocking places off my to eat list) and I can already see results! I'm trying not to make this about losing weight, but just tryna be better. I'm doing cleanse where I monthly give up something bad (January is no sweets month!), but I may try going on a Whole 30 Diet in the coming months. Stay tuned.
(-- Update: As of August 6, I'm on Paleo for a month!)
(--- Update: Fitting into some of my jeans again is a blessing from God. Still working at getting to my goal!) 

- Get alllllll A's (-- Okay so two Bs and an A is more than okay, still waiting to see what happens this semester)

- Have a kickass internship this summer (-- Sometimes you drop the ball big time due to a combination of anxiety, stress and laziness. This is one of those times)

- Find a roommate and a place to live in the fall

- Take a trip somewhere new (-- 4 new states this summer!! Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama & Mississippi!)

- Grow in my relationship with God (-- Again, dropped the ball. This is my new number one priority)

- Be a good person

- Watch alllll the classic movies

- Cook (delicious, fresh, cool girl recipies) (Some of the highlights have been Greek Meatballs, Colombian Pork Steaks with Avocado Cream Sauce and Blueberry Orange Oatmeal Muffins)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

         I've officially hit the sophomore slump, and it is very disheartening, to say the least. I've never been happy that I am okay with just being content with my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely staying above the surface. I'm one night of procrastination away from falling behind, and I don't understand why this is happening. I really don't do enough to be this overwhelmed. In high school, I was always the motivated one, always the over achiever. I've lost my drive, and it's past time for me to get my shit together and really start doing things the right way. I have always considered myself to be a wannabe perfectionist. I love to read lifestyle blogs, download Martha Stewart templates, and planning my life away on Pinterest. Do I actually act on any of these? That is almost a resounding no. So, some serious soul searching is going to happen in the next few weeks. My problem is I am trying to reconcile my inability to be the "perfect" model of myself, to being happy and doing the best, and being my best. Blah blah blah my life is so sad

        I feel like when I blog, I just focus on the bad. And I think that that is a good thing. Balancing the good with the bad is the key to life, though, right?

        More details to come, but I came across a quote that I really enjoy. " If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" - Ronald Dahl